Photo credit: Colin Usher

Photo credit: Keith Brame

Photo credit: Colin Usher

The Bloody Chamber

Edinburgh Festival

August 1997

Grid Iron’s first production initiated an artistic style that seeks the perfect marriage of site and subject. Staged in an abandoned plague vault beneath the Royal Mile, Angela Carter’s erotic short story found a suitable space for an exploration of the darker reaches of female desire. A cello and piano score echoed throughout the chambers, underscoring and counterpointing the action. We divided the central character of the Bride into two characters, one meeting her fate in the present, the other conjuring her story up from her past.

Winner Herald Angel Award for Outstanding Achievement 1997

The Scotsman

this electrifying production. . .the narration is fluid and vividly choreographed. . .utterly exhilarating, the pace never slackened until we were delivered, wrung out like rags, into the dark night.

The Herald

the detail of the production keeps you enthralled at its sheer originality.