Let’s Inherit The Earth

Profilteatern, Umea, and Scottish-Swedish tour

29th July- 13 th October 2018

This co-production between Profilteatern of Umea, Sweden and Dogstar was an urgent response to the impending disaster of climate change. Morna Pearson’s text traced the parallel journeys of a quintet of wealthy climate change deniers living in the tropical paradise of a Caribbean island, with a hapless couple from Moray conned by the a couple of ‘preppers’, with a brutal hippie family from Sweden. As Scotland floods, Sweden burns and the Caribbean beaches become infested with stinking seaweed, the characters true natures are revealed in extremis. The production was given a punk aesthetic with songs by Jonny Hardie, design by Ulla Karlson and a fine company of Scottish and Swedish actors.

Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

Quite simply a show and a half, a bit much in all the best ways…an absurdist apocalyptic stage disaster-movie about climate change featuring sharp Brechtian songs about the stupidity of humankind, penned by top Scottish-surrealist writer Morna Pearson, and directed by Ben Harrison of Grid Iron; and it tackles the issue of looming environmental disaster with the kind of contemptuous head-on satirical energy that our progressive trashing of our own beautiful planet richly deserves…it combines hilarity with devastating political satire, and enables audiences to confront, laugh and cry over the desperate future we face if we don’t can the stupidity and get our act together…a perfect metaphor for humankind’s bumbling ineptitude; and with a brilliant five-strong cast of two Scots and three Swedes belting out the songs with ever-increasing comic ferocity, Let’s Inherit The Earth emerges as one of the most anarchic, timely and memorable shows on the Fringe

Claire Wood, The Wee Review

Let’s Inherit The Earth is the first Fringe show I’ve seen taking on the issue at a macro level in all its plastic-choked thermometer-shattering glory. And as we stagger through ever hotter summers, this production couldn’t be more timely…the tension arising from mutual incomprehension is adroitly observed. This is a boisterous romp of a production. A series of fast-paced, wryly funny songs rail at the stupidity of denial.Ben Harrison‘s vigorous, tightly choreographed direction keeps the action scooting along. Matthew Zajac and Sarah McCardie wonderfully, willfully bury their heads in the sand. Jan Karlsson and Tobias Morin skip effortlessly between being earnest, slightly sanctimonious ‘preppers’ and smug onlookers – who become steadily less smug as the seaweed creeps onwards. Lina Hognert is particularly compelling as the voice of doom Grandmother: “When we said we wanted what’s best for the children,” she intones, “We meant our children, not all children.” …This show also has the best opening tableau you’ll see this Fringe… it’s a punchy powerful reminder that we could be doing a whole lot more to ensure that our children do inherit the earth.

Amy Hanson, Broadway World

A rowdy piece of popular theatre written by Morna Pearson and accompanied by an exceptionally catchy original pop-punk score by Jonny Hardie,…an enjoyable, vibrant production

Katy Stephen, Edinburgh Guide.Com

this new punk rock musical piece is determined to be heard…It is clear from the off that Director Ben Harrison means business…a valuable decision to punctuate Let’s Inherit the Earth with bold, accessible punk songs…the wake-up call our country needs… Pearson’s new punky planet conscious play will turn heads and change fatal behaviours.