The Man Who Was Thursday


The Man Who Was Thursday

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

This is a great little piece of theatre. . .[the] surreal scenario is, in Ben Harrison’s clever production, cunningly played both as tragedy and farce. . . the inventiveness of the evening is beyond doubt. . .90 frenzied minutes during which the audience, like Syme, has every expectation shaken up. This is small-scale theatre to be sure, but it has big ambitions.

Ian Johns, The Times

Harrison’s inventive production also turns it into a frenetic but enjoyable theatre. The story come across like John Buchan rewritten by the Keystone Cops and anticipates John le Carre in the way it constantly casts doubts on whose side people are really on. . .And, having continually subverted Symes’ (and our) expectations, this 90-minute romp manages to leave an aftertaste of surreal perversity that characterises the most vivid nightmares.