The Devil’s Larder


Mark Fisher, The Guardian

Ben Harrison’s sumptuous production…drily ironic, often quirky and sometimes dark. Less frivolous than on its last outing…more room for pathos and poignancy alongside the bodily appetites.

Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

a great deal for the imagination to feast on in director Ben Harrison’s latest version of Crace’s fascinating text. David Paul Jones’ music…is a haunting collage of old songs and harmonies.

Neil Cooper, The Herald

The overriding and all-pervading sense of melancholy that runs throughout Ben Harrison’s production, life, death, sex, loss, mortality and everything in between are served up in a way designed to gorge on…each tale of the unexpected brought vividly to life…exquisitely delivered by Austin, Boyd, Ashley Smith and Anthony Strachan…a feast for the senses, however deranged they may be.

Rachael Hickman, TV Bomb

The story is filled with poetry and imagination, each line is delivered with evocative emotion…The Devil’s Larder is filled with the dark poetry of the human condition but with a side plate of wit and quirkiness, which combine to make an endearing piece of theatre.