Peter Pan


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Michael Coveney, The Independent

How we cheered…the big top atmosphere is perfect is perfect for Peter and the Darling children to fly through the air on elaborate coat-hangers,and they are joined by a sparkling, aerial Tinkerbell in a pink tutu and permanent scowl, and some wonderful post-War Horse puppetry…sensationally complemented by William Dudley’s wrap-around cinematic projections…but none of this swamps the dramatic content…Peter is devilishly embodied by Ciaran Kellgren…the best new actor I’ve seen this year, and he is perfectly matched by the more experienced Abby Ford as Wendy, a girl-woman who embraces her caring destiny with deadly seriousness…very well directed by site-specific specialist Ben Harrison…and Captain Hook is restored to rip-roaring mock-tragedian status in Jonathan Hyde’s performance .

Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

It feels, thrillingly, as if we are flying with them. This is a Peter Pan that often made me gasp. . Jonathan Hyde is a memorably self-pitying, mother fixated Old Etonian bully…Ciaran Kellgren has a fine, feral quality as Peter, reminding one that Barrie memorably described children as ‘gay and innocent and heartless’

Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard

Ben Harrison’s production provides the crucial undercurrent of Wendy’s burgeoning sexual desires and Peter’s insistent denial of the same…Ciaran Kellgren gives Peter real grace…an accomplished evening.

Paul Callan, Daily Express

It works on all levels. In fact, there are times when this extremely lively, sometimes even aggressive version of Peter Pan – cleverly adapted by Tania Ronder – is more engineering than theatre. The most stunning aspect of this is the massive 360-degree digital screen, projected in 3D, which is wrapped around the whole pavilion. It works magically when the Darling children, whose adventure all this is, fly over the rooftops of London on the way to Never Never Land…Abby Ford is greatly appealing as Wendy and she manages to project herself into the part of the young, wide-eyed girl with considerable ease. This is a young actress to watch. But, of course, Jonathan Hyde just dominated the round, lively stage as a particularly evil, panic-stricken Captain Hook. Playing comic villains always needs a sure touch and Jonathan Hyde never missed a beat. ..a gem to be enjoyed whether you are eight, 18 or 80.

Kat Brown, The London Paper

utterly magical… staggeringly impressive… Itxaso Moreno’s delightful punk Tinkerbell… Jonathan Hyde’s richly comic Captain Hook…Peter Pan is a dizzying, joyous flight of fancy.

Nina Saville, British Modern Theatre

Peter Pan as interpreted by Ciaran Kellgren has a kinetic energy and feral spirit that fascinates the audience; at times it is reminscent of the late Michael Jackson. Itxaso Moreno’s Tinkerbell is positively mesmeric; an incredible mixture of grimaces and grace with her continental shrugs and gamine appearance. Mr Darling, played by the excellent Jonathan Hyde, who doubles as Captain Hook, is bravely unsympathetic in both roles, as he should be. His Darling is selfish and immature and forever seeking the respect of his family. The ejection of Nana the family dog who guards the nursery is executed with a violent ferocity. His Captain Hook is an equally insightful portrayal; a monster more melancholic than menacing, brandishing his metal claw which appears finally as a symbol of impotence. Ultimately the success of the evening belongs to the technical wizardry of an incredibly accomplished group headed by director Ben Harrison whose mix of past and present theatrical staging is to be greatly admired together with William Dudley’s organic set, costumes and 3D projection design setting a new standard in modern theatre escapism.

Daily Mail

An awfully big adventure. Breathtaking.

Elaine Page, BBC Radio 2

Fantastic. An absolute must-see.

Simon Bates, Classic FM

Spectacular. Fantastic show, a wonderful cast, brilliantly done, some of the most exciting visuals I ever seen, and a star in the making- Itxaso Moreno…she is brilliant, a slightly bad-tempered Tinkerbell but done with great style.