Once Upon A Dragon


Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

every aspect of this lush, green landscape reflects the imagery of our great fairytales with a precision that makes Becky Minto’s design into a rich, strange visual pleasure, like the fulfilment of a childhood dream. . .a real theatrical tour-de-force. . .the story of two foolish giants is one of those never-to-be-forgotten moments that only the best site-specific theatre can produce, and every story contains moments that catch the breath with the same visual and aural magic. . .It’s difficult to think of any children’s show I’ve ever seen that more perfectly fulfills the remit of taking us, for a while, into a world of strange, frightening magic and archetypal adventure. . .with a touch of producer Judith Doherty’s magic wand and director Ben Harrison’s book of spells [they] transform the wood into the enchanted one of our dreams.

Mary Brennan, The Herald

Everywhere the stories take us there’s music in the air, or on the hoof with Pete Garnett a Pied Piper with accordion, rather than a pipe…[the text] gets an adrenalin boost by the sheer gusto of the acting, direction (Ben Harrison) and design (Becky Minto). Grid Iron’s site-specific work for adult audiences has been acclaimed worldwide, now they’ve poured their skills into a fabulous treat for children. Go while you can.