Factor 9


Anders Sjogren, Vasterbottens Kuriren

…a furiously skilful play. Everything works: the timing of the actors, the lighting, the sound and video projections…Be sure to see it. It is an important play about a dark time.

Jonas Danielsson, Folkbladet

Two actors in front of a smart and really stylish set deliver a tumultuous story…. They take us under the skin of two afflicted individuals. And their hunt for answers soon develops into a heartrending sort of crime story

Victor Hallett, Theatre in Wales

Both Stewart Porter as Rab and Matthew Zajac as Bruce lay the facts out well, tell the history clearly and, most importantly, make us feel the horror that creeps into these men’s lives.There is an outstanding sound design by Pippa Murphy which often seems to envelope the audience. Ben Harrison’s direction is never static and his cast use their modest acting space with wit and variation.