A Chaste Maid In Cheapside


A Chastemaid in Cheapside

Annette Brooke, Yorkshire Post

Spectacularly engaging, accessible and successful. . the play may have been written almost 400 years ago but its themes are eternal and this production brings it bang up to date. This is theatre with serious attitude-go to see it.

Michael Coveney, Daily Mail

A great city comedy of lust, deception, greed, birthing and smuggled raw meat, Ben Harrison’s well-cast, modern dress production, set among great shower curtains, is a model of clarity and lip-smacking hypocritical high spirits. . Middleton’s supple prose, sometimes stiffening into blank verse, is a rare, difficult but utterly rewarding commodity, and the Almeida has done it some admirable, revelatory service.

Paul Taylor, The Independent

Ben Harrison’s enjoyable production. . .ribald dirty-mindedness, but it has better fish to fry, too. . .excellent scenes. . .a characterful cast. . .a peculiar mentality brought to vivid life.