Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, on The Devil’s Larder (2005)

Harrison’s astonishing command of the whole language of 21st-century theatre- text, music, movement, image and the breathing presence of the audience- never wavers.

Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph, on Decky Does A Bronco (2010)

Ben Harrison’s spell-binding production heart-wrenchingly captures the precise moment when innocence gives way to appalled knowledge of man’s inhumanity to man. . .an outstanding piece, at once delicate and tough.

Paul Taylor, The Independent, on Peter Pan (2009)

How we cheered…the big top atmosphere is perfect is perfect for Peter and the Darling children to fly through the air…very well directed by site-specific specialist Ben Harrison…

Mark Brown, Sunday Herald, on Roam (2006)

The performances of the superb international cast are so convincing, the collectively devised script so poetic and sharp. . .director Ben Harrison integrates top class live and recorded music, moving and still images and fantastic set designs into a truly high-flying production.

Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, On Those Eyes, That Mouth (2003)

Ben Harrison’s production at Abercromby Place is one of those perfectly-sculpted theatre events in which every element seems to glow with an inner sense of beauty and meaning. . . this is about as rich, beautiful and completely satisfying an 80 minutes as you are ever likely to experience.

Nick Curtis, Evening Standard, on Gargantua (1998)

lip-smackingly, gob-smackingly original feast of delights. Gargantua is the big hit.