Factor 9

March-April 2014

Profilteatern, Umea, Sweden and tour of Denmark, Wales, Scotland

Ben’s return to working with Dogstar after the global success of The Tailor of Inverness was a powerful staging of the tragedy of the factor 8 and factor 9 blood products scandal which caused thousands of deaths across the world.

With a strong text by Hamish Macdonald based on the testimonies of Bruce Norval and Robert Mackie, set design by Emily James, video design by Tim Reid, music by Pippa Murphy and lighting by Paul Claydon, the production featured outstanding performances from Matthew Zajac and Stewart Porter

We were very fortunate in the financial and moral support given by the amazing team at Profilteatern in Umea, Sweden, where we did the technical rehearsals and opening week of the production.

The production toured just before the results of the Penrose Inquiry into the scandal published its results in May 2014

We hope that the play will go some way to finding justice and compensation for the thousands of victims and their families