Biding Time (Remix)

Arches, Glasgow and Summerhall, Edinburgh

2012 and 2013

A collaboration with Glasgow-based A Band Called Quinn, Biding Time was created over a series of workshops with the band and is a satire on the music industry and its treatment of women.

Thyme, at first celebrated and then eventually spat out and forgotten was played by Louise Quinn in a macabre dance of destiny with the Rabbit, played by Martin McCormick, who represented her desires and fears.

Stunning video footage by Uisdean Murray and Tim Reid framed the action at both sides of a catwalk with the audience listening on Silent Disco technology.

The Scotsman

A MULTIMEDIA mash-up of live music, playful theatricality and broken dreams, Biding Time (Remix) is an absorbing collaboration between electro art-popsters A Band Called Quinn, Australian playwright Pippa Bailey and Grid Iron director Ben Harrison, a vital piece that’s alternately comical and sinister but musically compelling throughout. In an era of talent shows like X-Factor, scepticism about a manipulative music industry and the importance of style over substance are at an all-time high. Yet Quinn’s intermittently vulnerable, defiant and philosophically accepting central performance, with tracks like You Know The Right People and Snowing In Paris, has an emotional agony that outstrips mere technology and 

Marianne Gunn, The Herald

Biding Time (Remix) is a hybrid of genres and a melting pot for international collaborators. It is a bold female response to Pippa Bailey’s play Biding Time about the experiences singer songwriter Louise Quinn endured being a woman in the manipulative and mercenary entertainment industry. Directed by Grid Iron’s Ben Harrison, it is also an individual experience for the audience as everyone is provided with Silent Disco-style headphones and there is a mixture of live and recorded sounds…the stunning vocals of Louise Quinn and her impressive capability as an actress…this is thought-provoking, memorable and one-off stuff.