Ben writes the text and directs an ensemble of exciting young actors in The Brunch Club, a homage to coming of age movies and an analysis of the contemporary cliques of Spice Boy, Emo, Rebel, Vegan Activist, Ned, Geek and Popular Girl.

Staged at Levels Cafe for the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 and transferring to the University of the West of Scotland in Ayr for their Freshers Week.

Winner of the Scottish Arts Club Bright Spark Award for outstanding emerging talent on the Fringe.

Ben writes and co-directs (with Allie Butler) his second commission for the National Trust for Scotland, following the huge success of Enlightenment House in 2018. Marking the NTS’s first ever foray into the Fringe, the production runs for 8 weeks and 186 performances. It questions the origins of Union, Scotland’s ties with England, the effects of plague and war and in particular the tyrannising effect of the Kirk on the culture of seventeenth century Scotland.

Ben co-directs and co-writes, with Pauline Lockhart, Strange Tales, an adaptation of eight strange and ghostly tales by the seventeenth century Chinese author Pu Songling. Never before adapted for the stage in the UK, the production combines martial arts, puppetry, illusion, immersive theatre technique and 3D projections to create an alternative spine-tingling show for Christmas.